Quick-Step Eligna Laminate Flooring

With 27 shades to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choice with the Eligna collection. With such a plethora of tones spanning light, medium and dark wood, this range has been crafted by Quick-Step - one of the leading players in the flooring industry. With a strong belief in design, quality and innovation, it’s hardly surprising it offers such a versatile range of laminate flooring.

Versatility and durability come hand in hand with Eligna, as this popular flooring is built to last. Pick from classic shades including Gold Oak, Passionata, Newcastle Grey or Reclaimed Brown Chestnut to revolutionise your space. Hard wearing and water resistant, this is the perfect alternative to tiles or linoleum for bathrooms and kitchens. If it’s the kitchen you’re looking to transform, Gold Oak laminate complements dark blue kitchen units perfectly. With a gleaming white worktop, statement light fittings and an imposing dining table, you’ll create an envious space perfect for entertaining.

The streamlined appearance of this range makes it a great candidate for almost any room in the house. The Eligna collection is scratch resistant and most boards are underfloor heating friendly, making it a solid choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Passionata lends itself to small spaces, with its bright colour bouncing light around and making the room seem more spacious. The fresh finish also complements statement furniture and bright colours, taking contemporary design in its stride.

The Eligna collection features matte, oiled, brushed and silk finishes, so finding a style that fits with the rest of your home is effortless. Matching and contrasting floor trims are available to complete your design.

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