Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a versatile and resilient flooring thats most commonly used as an alternative to solid wood flooring because its easier to maintain, more hard-wearing and less expensive. A variation of wood grains and wood types complete a selection of traditional laminate colours like light, medium or dark brown alongside contemporary colours of grey and off-white laminate flooring.

Laminate has long been a favourite in the UK for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms alike as its a timeless floor finish which fairs well through different styles. Changing the style of the room doesnt mean you have to choose new laminate because its adaptable. Laminate is also very easy to maintain so its ideal for busy households whod rather be enjoying family time than household chores!

What styles does laminate flooring come in?

When it first became a popular household floor finish in the 90s, laminate flooring was very much a replacement for wood flooring and took on a wood-effect. Nowadays as tastes change the wood-effect laminate is still available but so are styles such as parquet-effect, slate-effect, and stone-effect. Tongue and groove installation methods allow for quick and secure fitting, plus the ability to change any boards that become damaged or stained.

All laminate flooring comes in packs of boards, not single boards, with each pack stating how many meters squared of flooring you can get from it. Each flooring product has a calculator on it to allow you to work out how many packs you need to use to lay your chosen flooring in your space.

Each collection or range of laminate flooring is designed to have its own structure, bevel, finish and treatment to create such an array of choice. Learn more about what these design points mean and how to choose what you like.

Can I use laminate flooring in a kitchen?

Laminate flooring is a resilient floor finish that would look very much at home in a modern or traditional kitchen. All laminate is manufactured to resist moisture to a certain degree but not all laminate is totally waterproof. Quick-Steps Majestic, Impressive, Eligna, and Classic ranges of laminate flooring have a water repellant coating so no water can seep through even the grooves in the boards. Laminate does not scratch easily nor wear and tear so its the perfect kitchen flooring choice if you want to install it once and only give it the occasional mop. 

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