Ramp Sections

When installing flooring, ramp sections are an essential part of the flooring materials. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a wide range of ramp sections to choose from, in a number of styles, colours and sizes to ensure there is exactly what you need to create the perfect floor. 

If you’re unsure about which ramp sections are most suitable for your flooring project, call the team on 01752 581507 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner – they will be more than happy to help with product recommendations and advice.

What is a ramp section?

A ramp section has been designed to fit over two pieces of flooring of different heights. The ramp section creates a transition profile or ramp between the two flooring levels, allowing a smooth join between two heights, and covering the joint section.

A ramp section can be used between two heights of the same type of flooring, or between two different types of flooring, for example from wooden flooring to carpet. 

By installing a ramp section between two pieces of flooring, it creates a smooth join that allows things such as buggies, trolleys, and other wheeled objects to move smoothly between the two floors, reducing the impact of the difference in height. 


Products in Ramp Sections:

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