Cleaning & Maintenance

Once your flooring has been installed, keeping it clean and well maintained is incredibly important, helping to ensure the floor remains in its best condition and lasts for as long as possible. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a range of cleaning and maintenance products to help you keep your floors and tiles looking their best.

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Felt Furniture Pads

Felt furniture pads have been designed to prevent pieces of furniture from marking the floor. Heavy pieces of furniture can often scratch the floor when dragged or moved, causing permanent damage and marks on the floor. Additionally, furniture can sometimes leave stains on flooring when left in the same place over time. By inserting felt pads underneath the furniture at the points it comes into contact with the floor, it prevents the furniture from causing damage.

Floor Cleaner

We have a number of different floor cleaners available that have been designed to clean specific flooring materials. It is important to use the correct floor cleaner on your flooring in order to not only clean the floor as well as possible, but also to ensure that the floor covering is not damaged by too harsh chemicals. From laminate floor cleaner to vinyl floor cleaning and more, you’ll find exactly what you need to ensure you have a sparkling clean floor today.

Tile Cleaner

When installing tiles on walls and floors, it is important to regularly clean them to retain their durability and attractive finishes. The type of tile cleaner you use varies depending on the tiles you have. When cleaning bathroom tiles, we’d recommend using tile cleaners that include a mould cleaning element, as the bathroom is damp and humid, so mildew and mould may form. With more traditional tiling, less harsh tile cleaners are required to ensure no damage is done to the tiles.

Floor Varnish

Varnishing a floor is a great way to extend the durability of your flooring and add a level of protection to reduce the potential for damage to occur. You can use floor varnish on brand new floors, but you can also re-varnish an older floor to extend its lifespan, as well as changing the appearance slightly. Varnishing a wooden floor is relatively simple, but we’d always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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