RAK Ceramics Shine Stone Porcelain Tiles

Bringing an air of earth and nature to the proceedings, the RAK Ceramics Shine Stone collection is perfect for the 21st century home. With the ability to completely transform a space and bring everything we love about nature into the home, these tiles interpret elegance by creating a harmonious environment.

At a time when eco credentials and the environment are at the forefront of our minds, introducing a touch of rustic design into our homes is a natural step to take. Crafted by RAK Ceramics, one of the largest ceramics’ brands in the world, these tiles form some of the 110 million square meters of tiles they produce per year, in their 16 state of the art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran.

With each robust tile falling under one of five colour categories, you’ll find earthy tones exclusively available in matte finish. Match with neutral furnishings, wooden and chrome accents, oversized lamps and beanbags for a modern, inviting interior or choose bursts of colour or patterns in a kitchen or bathroom to contrast the subtly of this range.

The introduction of plants, greenery, herbs and colourful flowers will enrich the space and perfectly complement the rocky tones in this collection. Available for both walls and floors, this is a strong contender for conservatories and sun rooms, where the transition from indoors to outdoors should be seamless. Due to the versatility of porcelain tiles, this collection lends itself perfectly to areas of high humidity, including kitchens and bathrooms, alongside high traffic areas, including hallways and commercial spaces.

With a wide range of tile sizes available, and 42 styles to choose from, you could pick both wall and floor tiles from this collection to totally transform your space.

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