RAK Ceramics Surface 2.0 Porcelain Tiles

If you’re looking for a tile that’s durable yet elegant, look no further than the RAK Ceramics Surface 2.0 Porcelain Tiles range. Conceived by the iconic RAK Ceramics, which prides itself on creating icons and building marvels, this distinctive range of porcelain tiles are famed for their crisp texture and general versatility. At home in both traditional and modern environments, you’ll find each tile has been crafted to provide a smooth finish capable of complementing both indoor and outdoor projects.

Available in both gloss and matte finishes, this range comes in a variety of six shades. From the rich darkness of the Ash or Night tiles, which would look equally impressive in the hallway of a modern home or adorned on a contemporary shop floor, to the Off White or Sand colours which are perfect for adding a touch of light to a room. The former has rich, creamy undertones, while the golden subtlety of the latter gives it a more natural feel - perfect for an eco inspired bathroom.

Great for both walls and floors, these tiles lend themselves for use in bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens due to their low water absorption rate - one of the biggest benefits of porcelain tiles. They’re made from dense clay and baked at incredibly high temperatures, making them exceptionally durable. This tough nature means they fare well in high traffic areas too, making them a great flooring option for both hallways and shop floors. With a choice of tile thickness and width, it’s easy to create the perfect look for your project.

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