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Express yourself with unique and stylish mosaic tiles by taking a contemporary or traditional approach to this wall or floor covering. Only limited by your imagination, installing a mosaic feature wall or tiling a wet room floor some a glossy mosaic tile can make your home the envy of your friends and family. Mosaics are a favourite for detailing, especially for kitchen walls and bathroom walls, as they can be used to break up large expanses of tiles to help visually divide spaces.

Bathroom tiles, whether modern or classic, can be upgraded and taken to another level by the addition of mosaics. Simply using mosaic tiles behind the bathroom sink or to create a distinct finishing point of a wet room enclosure for example will elevate the style of your bathroom.

When you think of mosaic tiles dont just think of small squares as nowadays mosaics can be found in an assortment of shapes and sizes. White hexagonal tiles with black grouting is a very on-trend style now, as are white mosaic tiles organized in a herringbone pattern. Use our guide to laying patterns to find what could work for your space with mosaic tiles.

Often purchased per sheet, mosaic tiles can be great for working with unusual size or shape spaces or working around finishes in kitchens and bathrooms for example. Detailing around a hob, an extractor hood or wall-mounted bath taps can be achieved a lot more easily and neatly with the use of smaller, distinct tiles. Another big benefit of mosaic tile is that because theyre in sheet form theres not as much cutting to do than with other types of tiles.

Why choose mosaic tiles for a bathroom?

Mosaic tiles look stunning in a bathroom, in squares, rectangles, hexagons and all sorts of mis-shaped oblongs, ovals and more. The range of shapes and sizes means you can create something that nobody else has, truly matching the mosaic tiles to the furniture and building from there. Many people are now choosing their tiles before their bathroom furniture because they know exactly the tiles they want.

When choosing mosaic tiles for a wet room floor its best to identify the tiles or types of tiles that are safe to install in these places before looking at all floor tiles. Some types of tiles are not compatible with installation on the floor and some are not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens. Here youll be able to find our collections of mosaic bathroom floor tiles.

Naturally, as with any tiles in the bathroom, you want mosaic tiles to be anti-slip to protect yourself, your family and your friends. Slippery tiles are a disaster waiting to happen and it can be avoided with no extra cost to pay out or no extra time needed to install tiles. Manufacturers supply tiles with anti-slip coatings in many cases but there are some tile materials you could choose which are naturally anti-slip.

Why choose mosaic tiles for a kitchen?

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen make for a stunning splashback, intricate detailing or feature walls that really can be customized to your taste. Glass mosaic tiles or even metal mosaic tiles are easy to wipe clean and keep looking sparkling without any hard work so theyre an attractive option for busy households that dont want to lose any luxury.

Mosaic tiles add colour and texture to a kitchen so choosing something as simple as a plain white gloss kitchen but teaming it with sublime Moroccan mosaic tiling or split slate mosaic tiling can make a huge impact. Keep the kitchen simple and add the detail with mosaics for a truly expressive and unique room that friends and family enjoy. Thanks to mosaic tiles coming on sheets more often than not, theyre very easy to have installed correctly and neatly too so theres no need to worry about fiddly small tiles ruining the final look.

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