Johnson Tiles Bevel Brick Ceramic Tiles

If you really want to bring an interior to life, look no further than the Bevel Brick collection of ceramic tiles. This small but mighty range of wall tiles has been created by one of the finest tile manufacturers in the UK, Johnson Tiles. With a wide variety of tiles on the market, and their products showcased across schools, universities, housing project and industrial developments, their extensive expertise comes from over 100 years of trading.

This particular collection comes in four colours; White, Cream, Black and Red, with each designed to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’re going for a neutral or contemporary look, Bevel Bricks have the versatility to be stacked in different arrangements to achieve the design you desire. For a modern twist consider coloured grouting, which you can match to accessories and soft furnishings.

Each of these smooth tiles is finished with a gloss effect, bouncing light round the room and keeping your space looking clean and fresh. Suitable for internal use only, they are most commonly used to breathe new life into kitchens or bathrooms, yet can transform fireplaces, hallways and even conservatories. For a striking finish, consider using a border tile or pairing them with alternative colours from the Bevil Brick collection.

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular tiles on the market due to their high quality and versatility. You’ll find them durable, hygienic and easy to clean - making them the perfect addition to a family home, holiday rental or even commercial property. They’re the perfect tiles to transform your space and leave you with a stunning surface which lasts year after year.

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