Krono Original Supernatural Laminate Flooring

Providing a new level of realism for an authentic look and feel, the Supernatural collection from Krono embodies natural, premium timber. Crafted by Krono Original, which places an emphasis on achieving a natural look in its production of laminate flooring, the Supernatural range includes seven shades spanning light, medium and dark wood.

Chosen with impact in mind you’ll find tones such as Bedrock, Boulder and Wolfsback, each available with a matte or satin finish. The former has a modern elegance and is easy to maintain, while the latter gives a more subtle finish, perfect for the more traditional home. If it’s a contemporary style you’re after, each shade adapts well to modern flats, new builds and family homes. Pair with striking art, high-quality materials such as sleek glass and polished chrome, and add subtle colours and luxurious furnishings to the mix.

Both slip resistant and fire rated these exquisite floorboards can transform any space, leaving you with a timeless design that fits with any decor. A great choice whether you’re giving your bedroom, living areas or conservatory a makeover, this laminate is built for longevity. It features additional protection against micro-scratches too, so it’ll always look as fresh as they day it was laid.

As it’s mould and moisture repellent, easy to clean and comes coated with an antibacterial surface, you can even use this collection in the kitchen - perfect for open plan kitchen/living areas or for a seamless transition between your kitchen and dining space. Crafted with durability in mind it’s an affordable, uniform flooring that will keep your space looking on point.

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