Use decking to transform outdoor space, creating a durable, sturdy and level surface that can be used for almost anything. Tile and Floor Superstore has a wide range of different decking products to choose from, in a number of different thicknesses, designs and colours, so take a look at the ranges of decking below. 

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Different types of decking

The most common form of decking is wooden decking, which has been used for years in a number of different ways. Wooden decking products are durable, long lasting and hardwearing, and provide a natural yet stunning aesthetic to your outdoor space. Additionally, wooden decking products are generally quite environmentally friendly – the energy required to create timber decking is minimal when compared with other manmade materials. Choose from pressure-treated softwood boards, which are the most popular forms of decking, or hardwood boards, which are more resistant to warping and splitting, but typically are more expensive. 

Alternatively, there are a number of composite decking products which are made from a mixture of plastic and wood to create a decking material that is hard wearing, low maintenance and a resistance to natural mould, insects and moisture. Growing increasingly popular, composite decking is available in a range of styles and is easy to install.

Where to use decking

Decking is a widely used material in the home, and can be used to create a number of different features within the garden and outdoor spaces, improving aesthetics and increasing the potential selling value of the home. 

Decking can be used in areas where the ground naturally slopes quite steeply, which makes the ground relatively unusable. By installing decking you can create a usable and level surface, onto which you can place furniture, garden toys and more. 

Decking is a great way to break up a large outdoor space, creating an attractive and useable feature. Decking can be used to create boardwalks and paths through the garden or outdoor space, breaking up a large patch of grass and providing a stable and safe pathway to a different part of the garden. Alternatively, use decking to create an area of garden which is on a higher or lower level to the rest of the garden, as a secluded area to relax, or a surface on which you can install a hot tub or firepit. 

Why not install decking and then build a pergola around the decking? This is a great way to create a secluded and attractive feature within the garden that can blend in with the surrounding environment when plants are grown up the pergola. 

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