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When laying carpets, it is important to ensure you have the best carpet tapes for the job. There are a range of carpet tapes available here at Tile and Floor Superstore, and we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you need, and all of which are at our competitive prices.

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Double sided carpet tape

Double sided carpet tape is an incredibly important accessory when installing carpets. Double sided carpet tape has strong adhesive on both sides of the tape, which is applied to the carpet backing and the floor substrate. When using double sided carpet tape, it creates a strong and long lasting bond between the carpet and the substrate, ensuring that the carpet does not move over time, keeping it secure and in place. 

Single sided carpet tape

Single sided carpet tape can be used for a number of different applications during the installation of carpets. Firstly, single-sided carpet tape can be used at the edges of a carpet, binding the raw edge and creating a uniform edge to the carpet section. Additionally, single-sided carpet tape can be used to join two pieces of carpet together – simply flip the carpet over, line the two pieces up and apply the tape to the underside of the carpet.

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