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Once you’ve installed tiles on walls or floors, it is important to use the correct cleaner to ensure the tile remains durable and well maintained. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a wide range of tile cleaners available to choose from, with a number of specialist features depending on the tiles they are being used for.

If you’re unsure about which tile cleaning product is best for your tiling project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – call them on 01752 581507 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be more than happy to offer product recommendations and advice.

When looking for the best tile cleaner, it is important to remember that there isn’t a single cleaner that can be used for all different types of tile. 

With natural stone tiles, a mild detergent is the most suitable form of cleaner, to ensure that it is cleaned but without chemicals that cause damage. Slate is durable, but using chemicals that are too strong can lead to the surface eroding over time. 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be cleaned with a simple mild detergent, and a soft cloth, but don’t use a sponge because they can force dirty water into the grout lines. All-purpose cleaners are also popular when cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles to ensure a clean finish. In bathrooms, it is important to also remember that limescale can develop, so finding a tile cleaner that also contains limescale remover can be beneficial.

It is important to also remember to clean the grout between tiles when cleaning tiles to ensure they remain secure and watertight. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a range of different grout cleaners available to choose from, helping to remove any mould and mildew whilst retaining a good grout coverage.  

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