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After installing your new flooring, ensuring it is kept clean and well maintained is the key to maximising its lifespan. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a wide range of different floor cleaning products to choose from, depending on the type of floor you are cleaning, and the level of finish you require.

If you’re having trouble finding the most suitable floor cleaner for your flooring, don’t hesitate to get in touch – call our team on 01752 581507 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will  be more than happy to offer product recommendations and advice. 

Different types of floor cleaner

The type of floor cleaner and equipment you use varies depending on the flooring material that you’re looking to clean. 

If working on tiled floors, take a look at our range of tile cleaning products. The best tile cleaning product for your surface will depend on the type of tile you have, and grouting cleaners are also available to ensure the grout remains clean and hygienic. 

For vinyl and laminate flooring, it is important to minimise the amount of water used in the cleaning process to prevent moisture from seeping into the seams and getting underneath the flooring. There are a number of laminate floor cleaners available, and they can simply be spray applied or applied by mop – just ensure small amounts are used so the flooring does not get too wet.

When looking for a cleaning product for hardwood flooring, there are a number of light cleaners designed specifically for use on wood. Try to only use floor cleaners on wood to clean up spillages or spots, and instead use a brush or vacuum for regular maintenance.

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