Felt Furniture Pads

When installing new flooring, the last thing you want is for furniture to damage the surface of your flooring. Here at Tile and Floor Superstore we have a range of felt furniture pads that help to protect your flooring, keeping it well maintained, durable and attractive, regardless of the furniture you have sitting on top of it.

What are furniture pads?

Furniture pads are pieces of material that are placed at the point of contact between furniture and flooring. They are designed to prevent the furniture from scratching the flooring when it moves slightly, whether that is when it is being moved across the room for a redesign of the room, or simply when someone sits down in a sofa, or pulls out a chair. These actions can cause scratches and dents within the flooring material, which reduces the durability of the flooring as well as being unattractive to look at.

How to choose furniture pads

When looking to buy furniture pads there are a range of different factors to take into consideration. Firstly, consider the type of flooring you are looking to protect. Felt furniture pads are most suitable for soft floors such as vinyl and rubber, as well as hard floors such as hardwood and ceramic tiles. Felt is preferred to rubber, because rubber can often cause scuff marks. However when working with carpet, harder materials are preferable, because they provide a larger surface area to spread the weight over, causing less compression on the carpet.

Secondly, consider the room the furniture pads are going to be used in, and how often the furniture is going to be moved. In the dining room or kitchen for example, furniture is likely to be moved regularly, meaning felt pads are generally considered most suitable. Plastic pads may be an option, but they are likely to wear down quite quickly. For furniture such as bookcases and dressers, thick pieces of felt or rubber will be suitable as they are unlikely to be moved very often. 

Whichever furniture pad you choose, it is essential to ensure that the furniture is level – if the furniture is slightly off-level, it can cause scratches and dents in your floor over time. 

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